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Spring Equinox

Spring has sprung!  Those of us in the northern hemisphere will experience the vernal equinox today, where the Sun's rays are perpendicular to the Earth's axis.  You have probably noticed us getting closer to this over the last few weeks as the sun has been climbing higher from its winter position of being closer to the horizon.  We, too, shall follow along with that pattern of upward energy. According to Five Element Theory, we are connected to nature via the elements and we know from previous blog posts, that to maintain health, we should harmonize with the seasons.  Spring is associated with the element of Wood with its primary characteristics being strength and flexibility.  Wood expands away from its center toward the heavens.  As spring gives rise to yang, we take this time to use the energy we've stored over the winter months and move it upward.  Now is the best time to make decisions and let go of any negative emotions we may have been holding in.  Recognize that this time of year, all around us, rebirths and new beginnings in nature are abound - join in!

Spring is also associated with the liver and gall bladder, organs related to cleansing, and it is the optimal time for detoxification; eat leafy greens and root vegetables, drink plenty of water.  Start your day with a brisk walk to stimulate your lymphatic system and to exercise your ligaments and tendons.  If you are feeling angry, let it out.  The idea is to cleanse on all levels.

Optimal well-being is predicated on harmonizing with the seasons and the above is only a partial inventory of methods to achieve wellness. To discuss a customized acupuncture and seasonal dietary treatment plan, please call the office at (908) 379-8600 or make an appointment here:

Looking forward to helping you achieve harmony. Happy Equinox!


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