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Kid Friendly & Parent Approved Acupuncture

I am often asked how young is too young to get acupuncture and I always answer, never! I have been treating this young guy since he was just about 4 years old for respiratory issues. As you can imagine he was against being needled so we worked within his own comfort zone and used cupping, essentials oils, acupressure and massage. He is now 11 years old and he finally gave me the go ahead to start needling him.

Sports are a huge part of his life and he had some tension in his low back. Although he was still a bit nervous I used what I call “baby needles” and it was a piece of cake. He could not believe how easy it was and was back in the game after just one treatment.

As a practitioner, it is important to understand and respect each individual’s boundaries and limitations. Not every treatment has to consist of needles and not every needle is the right type. There are other modalities to incorporate into a treatment or in lieu of needles as well as many types of needles to accommodate different levels of sensitivity.

If you and/or your child is hesitant to begin acupuncture please call 908.379.8600 to speak with me so that we can work as a team to create a treatment plan that best suits both of your needs.

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