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Acupuncture for Spring Allergies

Springtime has finally arrived and for many people it has brought seasonal allergies along with it. Although it is always best to come in for preventative treatments, allergy symptoms can still be effectively treated with acupuncture.

According to Chinese medicine, spring is a season that is more yang in nature and is also referred to as the season of renewal. Meaning it is more active, things rise, and life begins to stir again. Flowers bloom, trees become green, and pollen is most prevalent. It is also the season of the liver and gall bladder and this is important to understand for several reasons. The liver becomes most active in the spring and when there is an imbalance it can generate internal wind.

An easier way to correlate this to your health is by looking outside and observing nature. When a gust of wind blows leaves are tossed around and even smaller particles are stirred up in the process. This is what can happen inside your own body. It can cause sneezing, itching, red eyes, and other ailments that relate to allergies. When the liver is not calm, it can create not only symptoms of allergies, but also a host of other issues.

The emotion of the liver is anger and when out of balance this feeling can assert itself. Certain types of headaches and/or migraines can arise, and this is just to name a few characteristics of an unbalanced liver in the springtime. Acupuncture works to alleviate these conditions.

Aside from allergic responses, changes in emotions can also parallel the transformation in season. To best manage this period of renewal, both on a physical and emotional level, schedule your next visit for acupuncture so you can enjoy this beautiful spring weather!

Lauren Daniels, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) 908.379.8600 346 South Avenue Suite 4 Fanwood, NJ 07023

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