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Fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer

The other night I received an e-mail that moved me beyond words. Not only was the letter eloquently written, but it was filled with compassion. Please take a moment to read his letter and the cause he is raising money for. Thank you and be well....

Hi :)

This is an email relating to a person you probably don't know…but you know me, and so know that it comes from the heart. A friend of mine's mother is fighting advanced breast cancer. We are fundraising to come up with the money necessary to send her to a holistic treatment clinic (, but one in Mexico, not San Diego) before her next round of (debilitating, sadly) chemotherapy.

The forwarded message below contains more information. You might be asking yourself, why? Why should I donate my money to someone I don't even know, a friend of a friend? Well, when that thought came across my mind at least, I considered how different the situation would be for me if it was my mother who had cancer, whom I was raising money for. I would stop at nothing to help her. So I invite you to expand your circle of compassion to Zsaklin Steir.

Nobody is called on to donate beyond their means, which of course is different for everyone. The main thing is that this message spreads, and hopefully everyone who sees it will donate something. That is the trick to fundraising this way, and the amazing gift that this information, hyper-connected age affords us. At worst, it is mindless internet dawdling (we've all been there…); at best, it is this: opportunities to expand your sense of compassion and help those in need but not in your immediate vicinity. So please give from your heart, or at least pass on this message.

Together, we can make a difference in someone's life. A mother's. And I would say mothers deserve at least that much for what they've done and what they do.


Love, Steve

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