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Hurricane Sandy

Dear Friends,

On Monday October 29th, Hurricane Sandy barreled through beach communities of our shoreline, sadly taking precious lives and homes from far too many of our families and friends. As a member of the Jersey Shore’s business community, I would like to express my deepest sympathy for all those that lost what was most important to them.

Acupuncture can be helpful during this time when so many have been left confused and displaced. Acupuncture can accelerate recovery from stress caused by trauma, treat depression and anxiety, and help foster a feeling of security.

For the remainder of 2012 and beginning immediately, TLC Acupuncture will donate $10 to the American Red Cross for each acupuncture treatment given.

This is the very least that I can do for a community that means so much to me and I can only hope that this contribution eases some of the pain during this time of tragedy. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.

With Love,


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