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The Benefits of Cupping

Did you know that there are other therapies that complement acupuncture, which serve to accelerate healing in being used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture? One of the greatest modalities that Chinese Medicine has to offer is fire cupping, but not many people are aware of what it is and all of the benefits that it has to offer.

Cupping is the term used for the process of strategically placing a few glass cups over specific points of the body and/or affected area and creating suction to draw toxins out of the body while at the same ti

me nourishing the area with qi and blood. Cupping is similar to a massage, however there is a difference in purpose. Whereas massage applies an inward pressure into the muscles, cupping draws the muscle upward.

The effects of the heated suction and the inverse pressure can soothe aching muscles, promote qi and blood, as well as calm the nervous system. But the benefits do not stop there. Cupping is also a great treatment for the lungs; it can alleviate allergies and chest congestion, ailments of the common cold or flu, and other respiratory issues.

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