Today we will experience the shortest day of the year, the most yin in nature, Winter Solstice.  This will yield longer days to come until we return to Summer Solstice. The sun is now at the lowest point on the horizon and will climb higher and higher, casting broader rays above us. While we will have reached the pinnacle of darkness, we look forward to the abundant light to come. Light begets darkness, darkness begets light. This is the celebration.

Until those lighter days are here though, our health begs us to turn inward and rest, meditate, even reflect on our mortality. As our bodies slow down to conserve energy, Chinese dietary principles suggest that we should eat foods native to the season to build strength for Spring. While we are still...

I am often asked how young is too young to get acupuncture and I always answer, never!  I have been treating this young guy since he was just about 4 years old for respiratory issues.  As you can imagine he was against being needled so we worked within his own comfort zone and used cupping, essentials oils, acupressure and massage.   He is now 11 years old and he finally gave me the go ahead to start needling him. 

Sports are a huge part of his life and he had some tension in his low back.  Although he was still a bit nervous I used what I call “baby needles” and it was a piece of cake.  He could not believe how easy it was and was back in the game after just one treatment. 

As a practitioner, it is important to under...

With the media’s attention on the Olympics, cupping has been brought to the forefront of Chinese Medicine.  It was once a fairly unknown modality, but now everyone is asking about its benefits and it is about time! 

Cupping is a therapy that complements acupuncture, which serves to accelerate healing in being used alone or in conjunction with needling. One of the greatest modalities that Chinese Medicine has to offer is fire cupping because its benefits can serve almost everyone.

Cupping is the term used for the process of strategically placing glass cups over specific points of the body and/or affected area and creating a suction to draw toxins out of the body while at the same time nourishing the area with qi and blood. Cupping is similar t...

I came across this post today and wanted to share it. I found it interesting and music is something that most of us have access to and enjoy.

The Chinese word, or character, for medicine comes from the character for music.
Q: There is an old belief, now being revisited, that music has the power to heal. Where does this idea come from, and how does it apply to traditional Chinese music?

GY: Our ancestors believed that music had the power to harmonize a person’s soul in ways that medicine could not. In ancient China, one of music’s earliest purposes was for healing. The Chinese word, or character, for medicine actually comes from the character for music.

During the time of the Great Yellow Emperor (2698-2598 B.C.E....

Springtime has finally arrived and for many people it has brought seasonal allergies along with it.  Although it is always best to come in for preventative treatments, allergy symptoms can still be effectively treated with acupuncture. 

According to Chinese medicine, spring is a season that is more yang in nature and is also referred to as the season of renewal.  Meaning it is more active, things rise, and life begins to stir again.  Flowers bloom, trees become green, and pollen is most prevalent.  It is also the season of the liver and gall bladder and this is important to understand for several reasons.  The liver becomes most active in the spring and when there is an imbalance it can generate internal wind. 

An easier w...

If you are in the area check out this event!

The other night I received an e-mail that moved me beyond words. Not only was the letter eloquently written, but it was filled with compassion. Please take a moment to read his letter and the cause he is raising money for. Thank you and be well....

Hi :)

This is an email relating to a person you probably don't know…but you know me, and so know that it comes from the heart. A friend of mine's mother is fighting advanced breast cancer. We are fundraising to come up with the money necessary to send her to a holistic treatment clinic (, but one in Mexico, not San Diego) before her next round of (debilitating, sadly) chemotherapy.

The forwarded message below contains more information. You might be asking yourself, why? Why sho...

One of the most commonly asked questions from my first-time patients is if acupuncture hurts, as they are afraid of needles.  Trypanophobia, the fear of needles, is not uncommon.  However, this fear is quickly allayed after the calming effects of a patient’s first treatment settle in.

Actually, acupuncture needles may not quite be what you expect them to be at all.  Each flexible, single-use needle is hair-thin and you will likely not even feel them as they are gently being inserted.  Here is an image that compares an acupuncture needle’s width to similarly sized objects (including a medical syringe).  And rest assured, the insertion of an acupuncture needle does not share the intensity of a hypodermic injection.  As a matter of fact at leas...

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